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About us

Building a Community of Sophisticated Investors;Empowered to be Free


Opening the door of financial independence to the world…


…even in a free nation, personal freedom is directly tied to personal wealth. We want to clear the path of financial independence for all people who want opportunities to grow their passive income and reduce their taxes. Our opportunities put the freedom of our investors at the center of everything we do while building communities and putting main street money back on main street.


Jarrid Cavanaugh

Founder and CEO

Our Creation Story

I spent my childhood in Nebraska, but I grew up in Iraq and Afghanistan. I've learned firsthand what freedom is and what the lack of freedom does to a person's soul. Over numerous deployments and more than a decade in special operations, I focused on building financial freedom in my own life. After 13 years, I left the military searching for the next mission in my life. Then the pandemic happened...

I watched so many lose their jobs and ultimately lose the security their family depended on... I remember saying to my wife (who lost her job) how lucky we were to have the passive income we did should something happen to my job because of the pandemic. Then I saw something even worse... big corporations and Wall Street got special treatment while main street fought over PPP.

That's when we set out to bring main street money back to main street. We started in a spare bedroom with no idea how to build a real business, but we knew how to find great assets and create passive income, so that was all we needed. It began with just me, then a team of two. Five months later, we'd built a business with over $5 million in assets while rebuilding communities, investing in green energy, and opening the door of passive income to dozens of investors.

Doors and/or Mobile Home Lots Acquired/Exited
in Assets Acquired/Exited
Years of Combined Real Estate Investing Experience
Across US States

Financial Independence is Your Best Asset.

Our Amazing Team

Matt Denault

General Partner
Founder and CEO
General Partner
Investor Relations
Chief of Operations
Onsite Manager and Rehab Coordinator

5 Steps to Generate Passive Profits, Build Wealth, and Leave a Legacy

Matt Denault

Matt Denault is an active investment professional, a professional engineer, and an active member of the Air National Guard. Over his 8-year investing career, Matt has evolved from investing in value-add, single family homes, to managing a portfolio of investments designed to educate his clients while helping them to build true wealth and financial freedom. Matt brings the same passion for education and success from his military career to his clients and partners in the investment space. His new mission statement is to ensure that his clients are always profitable, while building wealth and financial freedom.

Jarrid Cavanaugh

Jarrid Cavanaugh, Founder of Affinity Asset Group, is an active real estate investor and a dynamic visionary in the future of investing. A former special operations leader in the United States Air Force, Jarrid prides himself on building resilient teams and securing personal freedoms. With nearly a decade of investing personally, he began Affinity with the dream of bringing passive income to everyone and continue to redefine what personal investment means for the world.

“The most valuable currency of the future will likely be the breadth and depth of relationships a person has”
- Jarrid Cavanaugh, 2021

George Sebesta

George Sebesta is an experienced real estate investor, home builder, broker, and business owner. An active investor for over 20 years, George first began acquiring and managing single family homes, then moving to custom builds, and eventually starting his own mobile home dealership. George believes that his passion and experience can help to bring passive income to every investor. A trailblazer in his field, his track-record of producing high-income returns and increased occupancy is second to none.

Matt Highland

Matt Highland has almost ten years of Business Development and Consulting experience. He is a problem solver and is always thinking outside the box to find a solution.

Matt believes in building trust and maintaining strong relationships with each client in order to ensure a positive outcome. He’s looking forward to bringing this experience to help each investor make good financial decisions and get the most out of every investment with us!

Stephanie Downing

Stephanie Downing has over ten years of corporate hospitality experience and has excelled in high level customer service and business development. She prides herself on the relationships that are formed, and the personalized level of service maintained with everyone she meets.

Over her five years of investing personally, Stephanie developed a passion and determination to bring passive income to everyone. She believes that knowledge, paired with applied action…is power.

Eric Spitler

Eric Spitler has over 15 years of experience in property management, which includes the management and daily operations of multiple mobile home communities throughout the state of Florida.

Eric’s passion resides in the day to day operations to include sales, customer relations, website management, collections, and repairs. Eric specializes in turning around distressed commercial residential properties and bringing them into a fully stabilized status as quickly as possible.