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Ferrari vs Freedom

It starts with the Ferrari, and it progresses to freedom.

When you were growing up, dreaming of becoming wealthy, where did that wealth take you?

What did it get you?

For most, wealth buys the big house, the fancy car and the flashy lifestyle. What you learn once you get there is a bit different, it’s not about that, and those “things” don’t really have a lot of value.

There is an evolution on the path to wealth, and that evolution almost always lands at one concept…Freedom.

Having wealth means owning freedom: the freedom to do or not do, the freedom to empower or not empower, the freedom to support or not support. This is the ultimate desire on the path to wealth.

However, depending on where you live and the rights of your country, freedom can take on very different forms. You see, the freedom of a Soviet Oligarch in the 1960s didn’t look anything like the Freedom of a successful businessman in the United States.

Both could afford to live life pretty much on the same terms, but only one could express his agreeance or disagreeance with the society around him. And this brings me to the essence of true freedom…

Freedom in its purest form is the battle of the individual vs the collective; the big vs the small. There is no question that freedom is under attack worldwide today. This is not a question of Democrat vs Republican because I assure you if you look closely…they are both guilty as charged.

The thought that so many today pick sides based on a “D” or an “R” following their name is a dangerous strategy, and we should all refuse to play that game.

By all accounts today, I should be a textbook card-carrying-Republican. I grew up in a very small midwest farming town, joined the military at 19, went off to war, came home, and always supported sound money and stable budgets. However, I’ve also always supported gay marriage, environmental protection, and being hyper-cautious about going to war.

When life is pursued through the lens of “how free can I be,” then some arguments take a different path. Why is the government involved in certain aspects, to begin with? And why do we allow congressmen and women to literally put us personally in debt without consent?

There are three things every American can do to take a step towards more freedom in society today.

1. Just Say No

To clearly explain the first, I’d like to quote the late and very great Nancy Reagan, “Just say no.” If any idea does not pass the litmus test of freedom for the individual to pursue anything they want so long as it does not harm or hinder others, then “Just say no.” No to the vote, no to the mandate, no to the rule; don’t comply.

2. Be Wealthy

The second step, be wealthy or on a path to wealth is also important. The wealthy have a bigger voice, bigger say, and the ability to choose to vote with their checkbooks and more choices than those who aren’t. I am not saying this is the right answer, but it is what it is. Elon Musk had the power to relocate Tesla from California to Texas because he owns the company, and that makes him wealthy.

3. Be in Community

Finally, and perhaps the most important… be involved in the community with others. I don’t just mean get out to your local neighborhood. It’s also vital to join clubs and participate in groups or masterminds. Join a church or volunteer for various organizations. The bottom line is, live a life learning to love connecting with others and freely and openly exchanging ideas from a position of respect.

This is why our company is passionate about bringing a path to wealth to every person we partner with. We also want to do more to enable community and free exchange of ideas with others, so we are so excited to announce that in December of 2021 we are launching our own Investing & Personal Growth Mastermind Third Mind. As Napoleon Hill so eloquently stated in his classic book Think and Grow Rich:

“The coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in a spirit of harmony…no two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third; invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.”

Remember, pursue freedom, not the Ferrari.

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