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How to Combat Inflation with Investing

Standardized measurements are a necessary part of life. Without the ability to measure distance, weight, force, etc., life would be difficult to navigate; perhaps the measurement of time is the most important of all.

However, consider for a moment that the measurements of time fluctuate like the value of the dollar.

What would the world be like tomorrow if sixty seconds lost value and no longer equated to the same span of time it does today?

How would society function?

This is what the dollar does. Its value, relative to the amount of goods and services it can buy, changes daily. The difference is the U.S. Government makes us believe that this is normal.

The problem is the system is built for exactly this reason: to inflate. This inflation crushes the middle class and financially kills the poor. All the while the same inflation makes smart, sophisticated investors wealthy…

…and the politicians blame the wealthy saying they are the ones doing it!

This is why our team is so bullish on investing in REAL assets, assets you can PHYSICALLY own, and assets that produce income all on their own.

That means no matter what happens to the dollar (and I assure you it will go to zero), you will be paid in whatever new currency the government decrees as legal tender. We don’t look at the money as the piece of value— the asset is.

There will always be a requirement to exchange a form of currency, and the government will always decree what that currency is. Whatever they decide, we will be there with our investors and have the real assets that produce that currency.

This is why we think there is no better time to start discussing these ideas (and many others) in our own private investing and mastermind club: Third Mind. We will start enrollment for Third Mind later this month so be on the lookout for an invite soon. There is no cost to join, and we think that it will be highly beneficial!

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